There is an increasing requirement to present a professional impression of your company or development. Whether you need managed commercial premises, housing developments or a private block of apartments, Bauer Security will give you the feeling of living and working in a secure environment.


    One of our specialist services is to provide the security and assurance for construction sites, large or small. Due to the ever changing environment of a development, the security needs to be flexible and scalable to ensure you are protected at all times. The systems utilised by Bauer Security are totally flexible to allow us to maintain protection of your site at all stages of the build.


    We recognise that having a full time Security presence can be costly to your business in the current economic climate. We can provide Mobile Services to secure your buildings, conduct random ‘out of hours’ surveillance patrols, carry out lone worker checks, conduct void property inspections and unlock your building.


    The Bauer Security team is able to provide prestigious events, venue security and crowd management solutions throughout the UK. In today’s environment event security and crowd management are both compulsory factors to be considered when organising any event, regardless of the scale or complexity of your event or venue.


    It is essential that individuals working in the private security industry undergo a structured training programme that results in a recognised qualification. We have developed a competency (skills) requirement as part of our licensing function. Individuals applying for a front line SIA licence must prove that they are properly qualified to do their job. If they don’t hold one of the SIA-endorsed qualifications then their licence application will be refused.


    Bauer Security offers the best in rapid alarm response throughout the UK. Alarm Response & Keyholding are compliant with BS 7984, setting the standard on key storage. We always strive to meet our clients’ needs and will provide additional services that can be incorporated into our keyholding package.


    Hotel premises, surroundings and car parks are easy targets for criminals. They will be looking for any opportunity, whether it is stealing guest’s personal belongings or car theft while their owners are sleeping. Bauer Security professionals are fully trained to deal with and prevent such issues. We ensure that any security officer who is sent to you is committed, responsible, reliable and highly competent within the hotel security procedures.


    At Bauer security we are experts in tailor making our professional services to your needs. Our years of experience have helped us work very closely with our clients to make sure the security solution we provide is correct and to our customers brief.


    Bauer security provides efficient undercover security guards for all different environments. Many retail stores apply this role within their work environment to prevent business crimes, the most common being shoplifting. Shoplifters tend to be more cautious if a uniformed security guard is nearby so Bauer security provides knowledgeable and experienced undercover guards to prevent loss to any business. Undercover security guards within a shop would take on the appearance of either an employee or a fellow shopper to blend in and successfully catch any shoplifters in action, therefore leading to an arrest.


    Bauer Security provides secure, reliable and professional Residential Security Personnel for the protection of your home or premises (Ideal peace of mind for holiday makers). Residential Security forms an integral part of our Close Protection operations, offering reassurance for our clients about the safety of their family, assets and home, regardless of whether they are in residence. Your property or premises is unique, as are the circumstances in which you seek our services. Bauer Security’s team endeavours to combine our skills in threat assessment, identifying potentially high-risk scenarios, installing and planning a Close Protection service to meet your needs and for the provision of absolute peace of mind, wherever you are in the world. Whether you require our Close Protection whilst on holiday or on a permanent basis, our services are available throughout the United Kingdom, including:

    • Around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance
    • Key-holding service
    • Rapid response service
    • Permanent patrolling security team
    • Personal bodyguard protection
    • Discreet or obvious levels of security
    • CCTV monitoring

    We operate our services with the utmost discretion, so that you and your family can go about daily life without interruption, whilst providing a security screen deemed appropriate to the perceived level of threat.
    Bauer Security are particularly passionate about this leg of our business due to seeing first-hand the damage and trauma caused by residents having their homes burgled.


    At Bauer Security our door supervisors are well-versed in licensing law, the use of minimal and reasonable force and the grounds on which to use it, as well as evacuation procedures and, more generally, the positive enhancement of the customer’s experience of your venue.


    Bauer Security has many years of experience in supplying professional security guards and static guards and we can offer your business the best level of protection and world class static guarding services to meet your specialised Security needs.