Our PRO-ACTIVE DEFENCE & AWARENESS WORKSHOP for men and women is purely exclusive to Bauer Security Ltd and is an essential platform for all security operatives to gain knowledge and real life experience in some of the most common compromising situations experienced by front line security personnel.

We are honoured to have had our workshop designed in conjunction with a leading approved professional training and learning provider, and course designers “Fortitude Fitness”.

Our quality assurers Nick and John of “Fortitude Fitness” are both qualified tutors/instructors in public order and public safety techniques, which involves riot control to close arm protection and have taught hundreds of Soldiers over the last decade before they deploy to various operational theatres such as Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Nick has personally deployed twice to Afghanistan as the force protection Commander with the sole job of protecting forward troops and leading ground operations.

With Security Operatives Injuries, while on duty statistically increasing year on year, it is a pleasure to collaborate with Scott Jansen of Juggernauts Gym to put these carefully structured workshops together.

Scott Jansen is a Professional Mixed Martial Artist and Assault prevention expert, his history speaks volumes and he has had danger stare him in the face on many occasions throughout his impeccable career and is now going to share with you some of the most effective techniques that have kept him leading the way in Self Defence and Social Awareness.

Scott Jansen

“It is with great pleasure I have joined forces with Bauer Security Ltd and Fortitude Fitness to design a Pro-Active Defence and Awareness workshop that could potentially save lives. I’ll look forward to seeing you all soon to share with you some of the industry’s most effective techniques”

We ensure..
  • Introduction to workplace violence;
  • Team work: Contact and Cover;
  • Controlled take down and up;
  • Identification of risk situations and avoidance;
  • Verbal diffusion skills;
  • Teaching practical & highly effective self-defence skills;
  • Identifying target area’s on an attackers body;
  • We educate participants that there are choices when faced with an attack situation;
  • Understanding the violent mind & psychology of an attack;
  • Build confidence in your own capacity;
  • Defence from a variety of wrist and body grabs, holds, punches and kicks;
  • Quick and safe escapes from strangles and choke holds;
  • Self-risk assessment: evaluating situation and environment;
  • The use of passive holds;
  • The dangers & risks associated with positional asphyxia and excited delirium.

PRO-ACTIVE DEFENCE & AWARENESS WORKSHOP has been specifically designed for operatives that work within the security industry.

Whether you work in a hospital, college, hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, pub or night club, it is essential that you expect the unexpected and that when presented with a real life volatile situation, you are prepared and have the confidence and ability to deal with it and keep yourself and others safe from harm.

We run our Defence Workshops every month in the comfortable surroundings of Juggernauts Gym (near London Gatwick), where there will be refreshments available for participants.

We operate our workshops from 10:00 – 16:00 on Saturday’s & Sunday’s (with 45 mins for lunch).

Dress code: Very casual with clean footwear (trainers) as all active scenarios will be performed on a cushion matted surface.

We are located 5 Miles from Gatwick Airport, which is a prime location for participants who are based anywhere between London and Brighton.

Please note there is a 40% discount for all SIA badge holders: We will ask for badge numbers, or a reference from the SIA to confirm that your licence is being processed.

On completion of the workshop you will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

Standard pay on the day rate: £175.00 exc. VAT

SIA License holders pay on the day rate: £105.00 exc. VAT 40% Discount

Standard pre-booked rate: £150 exc. VAT

SIA Licence holders pre-booked rate: £90.00 exc. VAT 40% Discount

Please Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT and a non-refundable deposit of £40 will be required.

Please call 0845 241 0074 or email info@bauersecurity.co.uk and quote “Pro-active Defence” for further details

Workshop Venue: Juggernauts Gym, Imberhorne Business Centre, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1RL